Alastair W. Forbes - Playing in the Dean Village


About this memory

At the time, I think I was playing with John Adams in the Water of Leith. I climbed on to the Iron Bridge and decided to walk over the Iron Bridge from the High Green side, with my feet on the Hand Rails, balancing like a Tight Rope Walker.

After about a quarter of the walk, I fell into the Water of Leith on my bottom, which was very painful.

Lucky for me, the depth of the water was a bit deeper than normal, which saved me from something worse. I had a fair bit bruising on my bottom.

We also used the Water of Leith for paddling over to the Island ( as showing -- bottom -- middle of photograph ) and building Dam's to block the water between the Island and Garden Wall ( which is to the lower part -- right of the photograph ). Great times .


Water of Leith, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Dean Village

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