Alastair W. Forbes - Swimming at the Hedgie


About this memory

One of the other areas we used to play, was up at the Hedgie where we used to swim above the waterfall ( Above Photograph ).

The Legget Family who owned the Dean Tannery at Damside, built the Waterfall to increase the flow and force of the water, for washing and cleaning the skins.

We also walked across the waterfall and also played at Soldiers or made a raft to sail up the river, ( not the safest structure I have been on ).

We also had a swing set up on one of the trees that overhung the water and unfortunately ( I think it was Michael Brash from Dean Path ) fell when swinging and hurt his leg. His Dad was made aware and came up to the Hedgie and cut the Swing down.

Author or artist: Jim Cunningham


Dean Village, weir, Dean Village

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