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Alastair W. Forbes - My first job


About this memory

My first Job, if I remember correctly was with the twins Patrick and Edward McCole from the Well Court. We used to help Andy the Milkman ( St Cuthbert's Dairy ) who delivered milk from the horse ( Dinky ) and cart for the Dean Village and surrounding areas. I think at the end of the week we were paid a shilling each ( 5 Pence in today's 2015 money ).

I also had a job delivering papers from Christine Robertson's Shop up at the Dean Path and then moved to the Paper Shop up from the top of the Bells Brae on the corner of Drumsheugh, Garden's as I got more money.

Unfortunately the delivery area for me covered one of the snobby area's of Edinburgh, with the Christmas Tips that were either non existent or paltry amounts handed over ( Tight Fisted Gits ).

I also had a job at Burnside's Grocery in Damside, working in the back shop. This allowed me to have decent pocket money.



Dean Path, Drumsheugh, Damside., Dean Village

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