Alastair W. Forbes playing with best pals


About this memory

My best pals in my age group in the Dean were Twin's Patrick and Edward McCole from the Well Court. Good ( Hibernian Football Supporters ) like Me. I had lots of other friend's such as Douglas Turner, June Boswell, whom also lived in the Well Court, Margaret Lee who lived in Dean Path and John Adams who lived across the Water of Leith in Hawthorn Terrace.

The games we played were wide and varied such as in the Playground ( above photograph ) we played Football and Rounder's.

The only down side regarding the concrete Playground was the unfortunate Spiked Railing's which surrounded the Playground. Only 10 % of the Playground was Railing Free. The down side was the Playground was a Tear Shaped Area and also the Spikes burst numerous Plastic Footballs. This was not the best Football Ground.


Corner of Dean Path and Damside, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Dean Village

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