Princes Street Gardens

12th July 2016

About this memory

Back in 2016 I spent two months living in Edinburgh and I loved every second of it. During that time I usually walked around the city without any plan in mind, I would just walk and see where I ended up in. I found many places that were beautiful, but this place is by far my favourite of them all.

I found this place by chance, I was just walking around the Princes Street Gardens and I found that path that was slightly away from the rest, I followed it, and I found a view that really captivated me. Not because by itself its beautiful (although it is) but for the change of atmosphere in just a few minutes. From busy Princes Street with all the traffic and the shops, to that place, with all the trees and the calm that they give. If you didn't know, it could look like you're just in the middle of the countryside. I love that contrast, and that's also one of my favourite things about Edinburgh as well.

Author or artist: Andrea A. Gundín

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