Ciao & Farewell

4th August 2018

About this memory

The opening of the Fringe brings many memories back, and two of these memories mark the beginning and the end of something amazing.

Two years ago it was the beginning of the Fringe festival when I arrived in Edinburgh for the first time: I will always remember that view of the city from Calton Hill: how it reminded me of the viewing of Rome from one of its hills and how immediately it made me feel at home. Calton Hill was allowing me to breathe its history as Rome had done when I was a young man. Welcoming me with a warm “hello”. - Ciao

In the same place, one year ago, I said goodbye to one of the first persons I could call "friend" here in Scotland. That night, we saw the last Fringe fireworks show together and that was the last time I ever saw him. Our last goodbye. – Farewell

With a shot that merges multiple moments of the same night together superimposed in one single picture, I am trying to recreate the sensation of overlapping memories. Memories dwelling in the same place where a start and an end come together.

Ciao & Farewell.

Author or artist: Simone Di Marcoberardino

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