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Dad Comes Home


About this memory

My father became a technician working on Radio Direction Finding (RDF which preceded RADAR. He spent most of the war in Britain, at Kinloss and Blackpool, and then in North Yorkshire with Bomber Command. He was also posted to Essex where he helped to establish and then served at a new USAF aerodrome; rations were quite different and he even managed to bring some back, quite legitimately, when he was on leave. But, in April 1945, just before the end of the war he was posted to Egypt and was demobbed from there. He met Lord Louis Mountbatten while there, and was eventually demobbed in early 1946.
I remember meeting him at Princes Street Station when he eventually returned home and I clearly remember both that he was very sunburned and that he had this most enormous kitbag full of goodies with him.

Photo courtesy of: Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division.

Author or artist: George Murray

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