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Mother And Son Sitting In Deckchair In Their Garden At Northfield Crescent c.1930


About this memory

Edith Garden (née Gordon) with her son Robin.

In the left background is Cimorelli serving ice cream to children from his cart. Penny and ha'penny cones could be bought. Just out of picture would have been his donkey. He had a shop at Meadowbank.

When Mussolini declared war on Britain on 10th June 1940 a group of hooligans from the new housing at Smokey Brae wrecked the shop despite a policeman and sailor attempting to stop them.

Cimorelli was sent to Canada as an internee - the ship (the Arandora Star?) he was on was torpedoed and sunk. After the war Cimorelli came back to Edinburgh to start up the business again.

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