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Entrance To John Rex & Co Timber Merchant At Western Harbour c.1965


About this memory

"The company was started by my father's grandfather, also John Rex, who moved up to Edinburgh from Malton in Yorkshire in his twenties. I remember the 'yard' as they called it quite well. It was next door to the building where the dockers signed on for their day's work. You climbed up a few steps to enter the small wooden office overlooking the yard.

"The premises moved [from Tower Place] to the new one in Western Harbour, just over the swing bridge, in the 1960s. My father sold the business to a Glasgow-based company called Woyka in the late 1960s but remained with them as the sales manager covering the East of Scotland for a few years.

"Eventually the Leith depot was closed and I remember the area being used to store large oil pipes for a while before the area was redeveloped for housing." - Mike Rex [2017]

[see also 0266-001]

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