Margaret Lee - Playing in the High Green (South of the Wooden Bridge) .


About this memory

This is me aged 3-4 pictured in the High Green most likely before paddling. The Water of Leith known to Villager's as the Dam was usually a hive of activity for children during the summer.

Different area's were designated for Raft's and Swimming. The (Hedgie) area as it was known by the children near the Fall's at the top of Dean Path was preserved for boy's.

Public access to the Water of Leith Walkway along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge and Murrayfield is now possible via an opening in the wall, just beyond my old house at the top of Dean Path.

Younger children paddled and fished beween the Wooden Bridge and Ford to infront of the Well Court Garden's and placed stepping stone's over to the Island in the middle of the Dam, which resulted in many slip ins but the clothes dried as we played in what seemed like endless sunny day's.

No Washing Machine's but Mum's didn't seem to mind.

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