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Margaret Lee - Member's of my Family that lived in Dean Path.


About this memory

The Dean Village was a unique place to be brought up. Nearly all of my Dad's and Mother's family lived there and the feeling of community was tremendous.

My Grandfather's side, family that lived at 37 Dean Path were my Granny (before moving to Well Court), Robert, David (my Dad), Jimmy, Meg, (Margaret), Mary, Nellie (Helen), and Nancy (Annie Reekie).

My Father's side, family that lived at 22 Dean Path Building's, were Robert Lee (my Uncle and his Wife Jean) and their 4 children Robin, Hazel, Maisie, and Martin my Cousin's.

Mother's side, family that lived at Number 37 Dean Path were my Mother's Sister Mary Marshall (my Aunt and her Husband Bill) and their 6 children George, Mary, Hendry, Willie, Della and Edward my Cousin's.

The metal sign for Christine Robertson's Newsagent / Sweet Shop is shown in the above photo. I would run to meet my Dad returning from work on his bike being given a penny (equivalent now to 1 half pence decimal coinage) and then buying either a Daintie (toffee chew), Black Jacks (black chew) or Bubble Gum. Thrupence bit (equivalent now to 1 and a half pence decimal) was pocket money on a Saturday.

Andy the Milkman (St Cuthberts Co-Op Dairy, Fountainbridge) had a horse and cart and delivered daily. I recall in Winter my older Brother putting ash on the road so that the horse and cart could make it up the hill, and in Summer collecting the horse manure for my Dad's Allotment which was over at the Belford.

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