Margaret Lee - The Dean Parish Church played an integral part of family live in the Dean Village.


About this memory

The Church Services were well attended with a large congregation from the Dean Village, Learmonth, Ravelston, and Comely Bank area's. The Church was usually full on a Sunday.

Sunday School started at 11.00 am until 12 and we went every week with our offering which was usually threepence.
My older brother John would change his for 3 pennies and pocket one penny for himself.

Merle McIvor ( now aged 90 ) was my infant teacher. She is still active in the Church doing the Archives.

The Minister was Henry Young originally from Ireland ( I think ). His sermon's were very long winded and not particularly geared to the Children.

Most children went to Sunday School and were able to enjoy great Summer picnics. It was quite an experience riding on the bus with streamers flying out the window's singing songs until we arrived at the destination and took part in the organised races.

Christmas parties were also a highlight. The Christmas Trees were enormous and beautifully decorated.

The Church had activities for Children, Boys Brigade for older boys and the Lifeboys for younger boys. My brother's were in both. Robert was in the Boys Brigade and played the Bugle. John was in the Lifeboys. There was also the Girls Guildry, the Women's Guild and also Badmington to say nothing of the Sale of Work to raise funds.

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