Just a walk through sunny Leith - part 4


A poem by Peter Sellar

My journey’s almost at an end, I’ve wandered through the years,
And as the memories went fleeting past, I’m greetin sair wi tears.

But there’s yin mare stop I hae tae make, afore ma trip is over
Doon tae Warriston’s crematorium, and hae a wee word wi ma mother
She rests among the roses, I still see her in my mind
An Angel to me through the years, she was ‘one of a kind’.
I whisper words of thanks to her, she’s been missed doon the years,
She’s now at rest, in Sunny Leith, and I try to hide my tears.
I often see her in my mind, and though she’s long passed on.
Her memory will live with me, ‘forever and anon'.

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