Margaret Lee - Playing Peevers, other Street Games, Hallowen and Bonfire Night.


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We played Peevers outside No 33 Dean Path as the stone slab pavement was ideal for chalking the table pattern out, which was numbered 1-10. We used an empty shoe polish tin, which was slid along the ground. The object was to slide the tin into one of the numbered squares and you skipped through the table and back.

Other Street Games were
" Rounders " which we played in the Playground at the bottom of Dean Path (opposite Mr Burn's Shop).

"Kick the Can" played at the Auld Ducks situated outside the Tannery.

"Can't Cross The River" played from one side of the road to the other. The person standing on the road would say can't cross the river unless your wearing (a certain colour or garment), the other player's were on the Pavement. If you had it you just walked to the other side untouched, if not you had to try and cross before the caller caught you.

Halloween was great for guising when most of the kid's dressed up and went around the door's, none of this "Trick or Treat" nonsence.

Bonfire Night for Guy Fawkes was held in the "Square" (on the 5th November each year) opposite the Dean School, near West Mill and West Mill Lane, which parent's attended or at the "High Green".

Hogmanay was a great time to celebrate with neighbour's friend's and family, all "First Footing" (after 12.00 midnight to bring in the New Year 1st January) each other's houses.



Square, High Green, Dean Village

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