Margaret Lee - Skipping Ropes and Street and Party Games.


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These are posh (we would have had to make do with simple lengths of rope).

"Skipping" (and Leap Frog) were played in the Playground at the bottom of Dean Path and also in the Dean School.

"Leap Frog" - One or more of us kid's would bend over and clutch our knees while the other's would run and put their hand's on our back's and jump over. Sometime's we would get a clout on the head if they missed (unintentional) I am sure.

"Dodgy" - the object of the game was whoever was HE (had the ball) ran around chasing the other's trying to hit the ball off them, if it made contact then you were HE.

Other pastimes were "Swapping Scraps" and playing with "Dolls and Prams".

Dressing up in high heeled shoes and bags that had been discarded by the older girls and "Playing House".

Climbing up the wall in Dean Path to gain access into the lovely Buckingham Garden's which were Private.

"Party Game" - Girl's sat in a circle and someone went behind singing a tune and dropping a handkerchief behind someone sitting and then they would be chased by the person where the handkerchief was dropped, hoping to get the same place left in the circle.

(I sent a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it someone must have picked it up and put in their pocket
A dree, a dree, I dropped it)



Playground, Dean School, Dean Village

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