Memories of Wester Hailes School 1954-1957

My name is Stuart Laidlaw. I was born in1949 and lived with my mother and father and elder sister Christine in a Prefab at 11 Calder Drive from then until it was demolished in 1965.
I started at Wester Hailes Primary in 1954.
The School was shaped like a straightened out 7.
1st year started at the top left and you moved along every year until you left usually aged 11/12.
The school was single storey and looked a bit like Nissan huts with windows. It also had an Asbestos roof and the classrooms were heated with little coke burning stoves in one corner.
Teachers at the time included Miss Chapman, Mrs Towner, Miss Simpson,Mr Macleod and Miss Freer.
There were separate toilet blocks and a large Hall /Dining room.
The rest of the site was grassed over with football pitches and was used for outdoor P.E. and Sports days.
Around 1957/8 we were amalgamated with Murrayburn for some reason.
For many like myself ,this meant having to walk about a mile further 4 times a day,
I visited the site on my last visit to Edinburgh and it is a large car park for a Window and Sash Firm.
Sighthill library is also on the grassy field at the bottom.

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