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Memories of Wester Hailes Primary School Sighthill 1949-1957 (Part One)


The school was built in 1949 to accommodate children from the new Calders prefab estate as well as excess pupils from the overcrowded Murrayburn Primary. It was often known as the" Annexe" or the "Little School"

It was made up of five single storey concrete classroom blocks with Asbestos roofs.
The School was shaped like a T-square with two blocks along the top and the three others blocks parallel to Sighthill Grove. (See Map and Picture A)

There were separate toilet blocks and a large Hall /Dining room.

Reception classes started at the top left in Room 1 and you moved along every year until you left usually aged 11/12.

The classrooms were in twos with a shared cloakroom in between.
They were heated with little coke burning stoves in one corner.
We got 1/3pint of milk every day and In winter these were warmed next to the stove.

There was some overlap of teachers but the School quickly gained its own identity as Wester Hailes Primary when it came to uniform, competitions etc.

Miss Chapman was the Head Mistress and Mr Millar, the Head Master

Teachers at the time included Miss Chapman, Mrs McLennan, Miss Simpson, Miss Moll, Miss Elliott, Miss Dalziel, Miss Freer, Miss Dodds, Miss Allison, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Watson, Mr Collier, Miss Ogilvie ,Mr Donaldson, Miss Mitchell. Mr Sutherland, Miss Davidson and Miss Armstrong.

The rest of the site was grassed over with football pitches and was used for outdoor P.E. and Sports days.



Sighthill and Wester Hailes, Sighthill

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