Margaret Lee - Walking down Dean Path past the Lampost you would come to our Stair first.


About this memory

I was brought up in No 41 Dean Path.

Although most of the houses were sub-standard especially compared to today but I was never aware of being underprivileged.

My home was a room and kitchen. On the stair head was a toilet shared by a two roomed house and also a "single end" (one room).

There was a pulley outside the toilet window which my Mum called from when she wanted me to come home from tea (it was amazing how her voice carried) of course it was ignored when it suited me.

There was a coal cellar round the back of the building. We had a turret stair and all the neighbour's took it in turn, to clean it weekly. It was also white washed at each side of the steps.

We had a zinc oval shaped bath which was brought out and had to be filled by boiling pots of water and the kettle on the cooker as there was no hot water in the house. As I grew older it was a walk down with my Mum and Friends to Glenogle Bath's in Stockbridge, as on the first floor there were Private Bath Cubicle's (pure luxury and endless hot water).

Author or artist: Jackman, S G (courtesy of Capital Collections)

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