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Murrayburn Primary School - St Andrews Day Trip 21st March1961

21st March 1961

About this memory

More classmates and Mr Bowden, Miss Gray shielding her eyes and Miss Peterkin in the background waiting to board the train at Gorgie East Station.
Bottom right from the front:-
John Melia, Reggie Buick, Sheila Thoumire,
Billy Nicoll. Janice Clancy
Colin Robertson, Andy MacDonald
Robert Stokes
The boy standing facing the camera at the far end of the bench is William McAlpine.
Wearing a light coloured duffel coat with a folder under her right arm is Marion Briggs. Sheila Doherty is to her left and is wearing a beret.
Grant Talman is the pupil in the duffle coat kneeling on the bench.



Gorgie East Train Station, Gorgie

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