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Wester Hailes Road Sighthill in the1950s


About this memory

This photo was taken in the 1950s from the old Canal bridge looking towards Calder Road.

Opposite the dark van,on the right, is the last block of the old Wester Hailes Primary School.( See Picture A)

On the left are the prefabs which started where Calder Drive met Wester Hailes Road.
Willie Collins, Sheila Toumire and Robin Sutherland lived there.

The Swedish Wooden Houses are over the fence,now painted on the outside.
Cathy McRae, Irene Anderson and Carol Steedman lived there. (See Picture A.)

In the other direction was the Railway Bridge with a farm on the left hand side, just past it.
Ann King lived there from memory. (See sketch map of the Wester Hailes Road in the 1950s for approx. position)

Next to the Canal Bridge the embankment sloped steeply down to the Murray Burn.
In the winter, when it snowed, this became "the Sledgy Hill" and was used by children all over the area.(See sketch map of Wester Hailes Road in the 1950s for exact position)



Sighthill and Wester Hailes, Wester Hailes

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