Growing up on the Sighthill Prefab Estate 1949-1965[ Part One]

I lived at 11 Calder Drive from 1949 to 1965.
My parents and sister moved there from Bonaly Road in 1947.

When complete there were 537 Prefabs on the Estate.

My first memories are of being dragged to Wester Hailes School in 1954.

Initially there were few amenities.

I remember vans selling meat, fish, bread, milk and coal plus a converted old bus with fruit and veg.

There were two Ice Cream vans, Tommys and Marandola's, a Rag and Bone man,an "Onion Johnny" and a Chip Van.

Gypsies from the camp on Cultins Road would sell wooden pegs, a tall Sikh in a brown suit would have cloths and handkerchiefs and a little Italian called Acetola would cut your hair in your house.

On either side of Calder Broadway were some shops.

On the topside was Arnotts the Paper shop and Taylors the Drysalters.

Opposite was Watson and Wells, Haberdashers and Coopers the Butcher who also sold bread rolls.

There was also a small swing park beside the Drysalters.

Other shops on Calder Ave.West and Calder Circle are mentioned elsewhere.


Prefab Estate Sighthill, Sighthill

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