The Old Calder Road up to 1965 [Part Two]

Past the Wester Hailes junction on the right was and is St Nicholas Church then Sighthill Bowling Green, the Esso Garage and the top of Sighthill View.
(Pictures 4,5,6 and map of the Wester Hailes Road in the 1950s refer)

On the left was a patch of grass then a large house surrounded by tall trees. The Sighthill Inn and the Fire station came next followed by the Sighthill Health Centre built in 1953. (Pictures 6, 7,and 8 refer)

From there to the Broomhouse Road was the top of the Recreation ground which was just grass.

From Broomhouse Road to the Longstone Road junction, down the left hand side, was a grassy area with a few trees in front of the houses then St. Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School and then another patch of grass.
On the right hand side were houses followed by a few shops.(See Photo 9)

Details of the shops are in the written narrative [ Part Three]

After the Co-op there were more houses down to Longstone Road.
(Pictures 10,11 and 12 refer)

Pictures 13-22 show the same bits of road being widened in the 1970s.

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