History of the Sighthill POW Camp in the 1940s and 50s.

The camp was situated on the North side of Calder Road about 300 yards east of the Union Canal just where the word ESTATE appears on Map A.
It was built around the beginning of the war as a heavy anti-aircraft battery defending RAF Turnhouse, now Edinburgh Airport.
By 1943 it had four 3.7 static guns, 31 Nissen Huts and 11 larger Wooden Huts used for accommodation and admin etc.
By May 1945 it had been decommissioned and the site was then used for temporary housing for homeless families up until the mid 1950s.
Conditions in the camp were very basic. The accommodation was uninsulated with thin walls and very cold in the winter. The windows were frosted glass and wire mesh.
Inside the rooms were small with thin partitions. Some had two rooms, some only one. There was a cast-iron fire on a brick base with a steel chimney which was the only heating.
There was no oven or hot water and cooking was on a two-ring gas cooker on top of a cupboard.
There was a Communal Toilet block and a Communal Laundry and a General store. The Warden was a Mr Bowden.
It was demolished by the mid 1950s and the William Thynes and Burtons Biscuit Factories were built on the site.


Old POW Camp Sighthill on Calder Road, Sighthill

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