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Christine Laidlaw and Miss Freer's Class of 1952/53 Wester Hailes Primary School


About this memory

Back Row :-Angus ? Andrew Hindle, ? , Ferguson McBeth, Brian Patterson, ? , Miss Freer

2nd Back Row standing - Christine Laidlaw, ? , Anne Stinear, Lizzy White, Kenny McLeod, George Nichol, Bobby Trow, Arthur Dewar, ?, Eileen Rushe, Heather Park.

3rd Row:- Anne Elliot, Janet Cluett, Eleanor White, Brenda Heathcote, Christine Gaw, Catherine Walker

Seated:- ? , Cameron Shaw, ? Cairns, ?.

Thanks to Brenda Bell nee Heathcote for many of the names.


Sighthill and Wester Hailes, Sighthill

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