The Old Calder Road up to 1965 [Part Three]


Details of the shops at the junction of Calder Road and Parkhead Garden
Going towards City the shops were as follows:-

Tarrys Chip Shop run by an Italian family called Tartaglia who lived in the upstairs of the house next door. This later became the Post Office.

Hewitts the Butcher (See Picture 9B)

Newsagent /Post Office run firstly by a Mr White then an ex-policeman called Mr Patterson.

Johnstones Grocery/Sweet shop which was double fronted.

Yardleys Drapers selling baby clothes.

Barbers/Ladies Hairdresser ( Etta's ) which later became W P Harrowers the Bookies.

The Silver Wing was and still is round the corner(See Picture 9A)

On the opposite corner was St Cuthberts Co-op whose various departments
included Butchers ,Fishmongers, Fruiterers, Grocery and Chemist.( See Pictures 10 and 19)

My thanks to William Lamb for these details.


Junction of Calder Road and Parkhead Gardens, Sighthill

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