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Murrayburn Primary School from 1939-1957 Part One

Murrayburn Primary School opened on 29 August 1939 to cater for the recently built estates of Parkhead and Sighthill.
Prior to this date pupils would be taught in their own homes.

During the War, three Air raid shelters were built and a garden type allotment was created by Mr Meek in and around the school.
Children were encouraged to knit scarves and Blanket strips and many would collect badges and buttons to wear.

During Air Raids,families who didn't wish to leave their own houses would go to the Public Air Raid Shelterat the top of Sighthill View across the Calder Road for safety.
Following an Air Raid, there was no school the next morning.

In the 1940s the School Hall was hired out on Sundays to enable the Roman Catholics in the area to hear Mass.

Mr Butcher was the Headmaster in the 1950s and conducted the Service every Monday morning from behind a lectern with the School badge and Motto " Mak Siccar" on a piece of cloth hanging down the front.

The Janitor was called Mr Irvine

By the early 1950s,following the building of the Broomhouse estate,the school was severely overcrowded, with classes sometimes as large as 53 (known as "Bulge Classes")

However, this was alleviated by the opening of Broomhouse School and the transfer of children now living in the Prefabs to Wester Hailes Primary.

Thanks to Bill Lamb and others for these memories


Murrayburn School, Sighthill

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