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St Cuthbert's Horses

About this scrapbook

The St Cuthbert's Co-Operative Society was a major presence in Edinburgh from the late 19th Century until the early 1980s when it merged with the Dalziel Society (Motherwell) to become the Scottish Midland Co-operative Society (Scotmid).
Many Edinburgh folk will be familiar with the St Cuthbert's dairy and its horse drawn milk floats but horses were used throughout the movement and a saddlery in Dalry existed to make collars, harnesses and other equine equipment.
During #AuldReekieRetold a commemorative book was discovered illustrating the many occasions St Cuthbert's horses were utilised in civic and ceremonial events and local campaigns. Do you remember them?
Why not post your St Cuthbert's memories to this scrapbook - please tag your photo memory with #AuldReekieRetold

St Cuthbert's Milk Delivery Horse At Lauderdale Street, Marchmont, mid-1970s